Applying (Im)perfect Prismatic Decals for Contemplative Space or How to Trip Out Your Cat

“Die Gartenlaube” -Ernst Keils Nachfolger

Today I noticed rainbows in the kitchen, prismatic and glowing. They weren’t there by accident. I had previously hung chandelier prisms in the window to create a rainbow effect, but it wasn’t until I applied prismatic decals on the windows that I saw more of a change in the atmosphere and mood of my home and thus the atmosphere and mood within myself. Like unto like, I figured I could create a certain lived experience through sensory manipulation. Life, though, is so variable. There are so many ups and downs: catastrophes and gems, not to mention redundancies and annoyances. No rainbow prismatic decals can buffer against the inherent nature of the universe in which we live. We can, however, create a space of beauty from which we can inhabit contemplative thought. It isn’t necessary to have a stylish area of repose for this action in any way as sages throughout time have agreed upon. Even if it isn’t necessary, it wouldn’t hurt — as we are creatures who respond to our environment.

Think of prismatic space as a place to invite in the spiritual. Whether you are a monotheist praying to God, a Buddhist in meditation, a witch working with energy, or a purely secular person who sees the value in contemplation, creating a pleasant and enchanting space will help you elevate your mind in connection with that which is higher and most good, beyond our anxieties and fear. For me, tripping out the cat was just an unexpected outcome. Nevertheless, the cat seems to enjoy the prismatic effect.

The cat enjoying the light from hanging chandelier prisms.

The decals are easy to purchase online and are only pricey if you are putting them over a large window space. There are various methods of applying the decals, and depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, the job of application can be relatively quick or a bit more involved. For full transparency, I am more of a type-A personality, but I have been working on toning that down. I thus decided on an easier, less intensive approach to sticking the decals on my windows. To put them on, first select windows that get plenty of sun in a room you inhabit during day. Next, thoroughly cleanse your windows, even the trim. Very few people enjoy window cleansing, but fear not: a bit of effort will pay off here. The decals won’t stick if your windows and trim are coated in dust. Once your windows are all cleansed and dried, you should measure out your window panes in order to cut out tight fitting pieces of your decal. The decal paper has a backing. Once you have your pieces cut, remove the backing and tape into place from the top in order to assess the alignment. Then simply take use a credit card or a squeegee and press the decal into place, smoothing out any bubbles. Then remove the tape.

Regardless of how you decide to apply your prismatic decals, the physical, D.I.Y. element of applying them creates a sense of engagement. With your mind already engaged, you will be more motivated to utilize the rainbow light that issues forth. For those of you who procrastinate or idealize and then find the actual act of contemplation as something complicated or off putting, your physical connection to creating the space is the first step, and it is usually the first step that is the most difficult to take. After taking that step, you should find yourself receptive and willing. If you do not find yourself so, once the sunshine starts flowing through, and you are surrounded by glowing colors, you should then find yourself in a positive place from which to open your mind to reverie.

Happy prismatic musings!

Picture updated 4/2/22



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