Poem: “Cosmogenesis” 2021

A connect the dots:
Blooming flowers, pollen falling,
On a crooked wooded path,
Where we together have never wandered,
The golden orioles sing,
Announcing spring;
I call you in reverie,
Your eyes closed to behold
The aura of sunshine dazzled,
Draping the tangled
Shadows of my hair.
I would tell you a secret
In sweetness, in melody,
Soul warmed and laid bare,
And the resonance of your voice
Would meld with the intoxicating air,
Entering me, half in meditation, half in prayer,
While I lilt “love me, love me, love me,”
Radiant as you then bite my lip.

In our cosmogenesis, there was no fall
Only apples and kisses.



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The Metafictionalist

The Metafictionalist

Writer, editor, educator, and obscurity enthusiast