To Educate and Serve: A Vision of European Culture Clubs

“Madonna della Vittoria” -Andrea Mantegna

Throughout the history of the west, it was common for fraternal and religious organizations to care for and build community amongst the people. Rituals as well as ethical and cultural instruction with a focus on service made these organizations invaluable for society. The rituals were about psychological development, patience, persistence, and growth. The ethical and cultural instruction were aimed to build up a conscientious and caring citizenry. Nowadays, these organizations are mostly relics or if they do still operate, they are only popular amongst very narrows sub-sections of the population, thus reducing their reach. It is no coincidence with their diminishing popularity there is a corresponding growth of crime, isolation, decadence, and Anti-Americanism. It isn’t politically correct to advocate for European focused cultural organizations to reemerge into the mainstream, but without this type of community, people of Caucasian descent, especially children, may come to hate their culture due to ignorance or more easily fall into bad crowds, meaning groups of people have been misled or mislead, those who favor ignorance over knowledge, or groups that favor decadence at the expense of character cultivation. This also holds true for people of mixed descent. Another reason why European cultural community organizations are essential is because they can reduce extremism by alleviating the sense of panic some people hold when they contemplate the villainizing of European cultures. All of the cultural groups of the world, except the oppressed, are able to celebrate their culture without fear of social ostracism. They know that there is nothing wrong with passing on their cultures. However, because of the acts of past tyrants, it has become popular to act as if there is something inherently wrong about Caucasians teaching and living their cultural customs and beliefs. This needs to stop because it is based off of inductive reasoning, the idea that the bad actions of a few mean that the entire group is bad. This type of stereotyping is considered wrong when directed at other ethnic groups, religions, or even interest groups, so the mainstream viewpoint that relies on this poor reasoning needs to stop.

These days there is so much diversity that churches nor other types of cultural organizations simply can’t provide enough care for people of European heritage; therefore, I propose new groups that focus on European culture and ethics with the spirit of Americanism at the forefront. Although people of European heritage would be the most interest by these types of groups, no one need be turned away. Just like in Buddhism, it wouldn’t matter if a person were Southern European, Northern European, Eastern European, Jewish, of mixed heritage, or even black, Arabic, indigenous, Asian etc…The only requirement would be a willingness to share some ideals, like liberty, equality, good works, an openness to theism, and a commitment to preserving and/ or celebrating European based music, art, literature, philosophy, and so forth. I can see many Latinos being interested in this type of organization as well as various people of mixed heritage since the goal would be to educate, entertain, and serve rather than exclude or dominate.

Some people would argue that the U.S. is already status-quo Euro-centric, but in most urban areas, especially the ones with high crime rates, this isn’t the case and the woke crowd has been working to dismantle European cultural influences due to associating anything with European roots or a European cultural focus as racist. My argument isn’t for European cultural dominance, where other forms of cultural expression and education are discouraged or prohibited in any way, but rather for the development of nurturing communities devoted to educating and befriending people with any affinity toward European cultural heritage. People of Caucasian descent would feel like they belong to a caring community and anyone else who is interested would also be treated with kindness.

We all our Americans here, but there’s nothing evil with celebrating Western culture or the European influences, values, and cultures of our diverse peoples, and such organizations can help deter crime, resentment, self-hatred, isolation, and anti-Americanism while welcoming people of any ethnic group so long as they come with a respectful attitude, just as if they were visiting any cultural or spiritual center, like a Buddhist or Hindu temple or a cultural center that celebrates and nurtures the African American community.

These European focused cultural centers would uphold the ideals that all people, other than terrible criminals, are equally worthy of respect and care but that white vilification needs to end and that a preservation of European influenced culture is not only important but rather essential for the ongoing health and thriving of European peoples and Western culture. Rather than focusing education and cultural events on Christian belief and customs, ancient European pagan beliefs, art, and customs should also be part of these centers. Some Christians may worry that such a cultural organization would be heretical, but these organizations would not be religious in terms of purpose; rather, they would be educational, cultural, and social. If anything, by demonstrating the tolerance of Christians, they may just see more people voluntarily joining and if not, they still will benefit because these organizations will also be places where more traditional ethics, philosophy, and history are prioritized and can thus help guide the youth and everyone else to kinder, less selfish, and more stable lifestyles. There could be classes on mother-goddess archetypes on one day and female saints on the next. One day might focus on European shamanism and the next on Christian acts of service. The day after that, there could be a class on the Hebrew wisdom tradition and its influence on European philosophy or how Arabic spirituality influenced the Western mind. The instruction, of course, would rely on the availability of teachers but should be provided as a means of guiding and nurturing people who are interested in European culture. People of Caucasian heritage would benefit from the information and meeting others who also find the information worthy, regardless of their ethnicity or religion. I imagine organizations as serving traditional foods, teaching traditional skills, and playing traditional music but also as open to the needs and concerns of modern people who may work busy schedules and not even know their neighbors let along their cultural traditions.

European culture clubs should be places, above all, that emphasize the importance of character. The acts of virtuous historical figures should be emphasized and advice on the many complications that people face in life should be offered. Stories of generous giving as well as tales of that which happens to those who are greedy or hateful should be encouraged but not in an oversimplified way. Representing the complexity of human nature and using the Western tradition as a resource for guidance and healing is the goal. It wouldn’t be about judging or disparaging people but rather the goal would be to help and serve with our cultural heritage’s wise remedies for the afflictions of life at the forefront. As with any good idea, funding is always an issue. I envision people voluntarily donating to establish these centers as their donated funds would promote the strength of society. The idea is that any person who benefits from the organization would then give back. The more funding there is, the more people can attend, and benefits will be generated for all.

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